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Your Real Estate reference library where you can find common disclosures and other useful information.

In the pursuit of knowledge we are always expanding this library with current and useful information relevant to the current real estate market and encourage you to visit frequently. If you have a question or topic that you would like answers on email us.
Please respect that fact that this information is provided for reference purposes only and should not be used to any other end. Not all of these different disclosures will apply to every real estate transaction which is why it is important to have a professional representing you.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions... 831.325.6959.

- Property Transaction Booklet is a very useful and informative guide to buying or selling a home. It includes common property transaction questions and answers along with a list and contact information for professional associations. This booklet is provided to all of our clients active in the real estate market for reference purposes.

- Buyer's Inspection Advisory is a disclosure both the buyer and seller will receive and acknowledge. The purpose of this disclosure is to bring to the buyers attention specific considerations that should be made when inspecting the property. The buyers inspection advisory along with completed inspections and the transfer disclosure statement (if applicable and supplied by the seller) should be reviewed alongside the Buyer's Inspection Advisory to ensure all questions and concerns about the condition of the  property are answered to buyer satisfaction.

- Agency Disclosure is an important disclosure relating to your agents fiduciary responsibility and whether or not they are also representing a counterparty involved in the transaction.

- Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement is used to disclose the property condition. Completing this disclosure completely to ensure full disclosure is mandatory. Prepared by the seller, listing agent, and buyer's agent this disclosure is signed by all parties and should be reviewed carefully.

- National Hazard Disclosure is used to disclose to the buyer whether or not the property is in a particular hazard zone: flood zone, fire zone, earthquake or seismic hazard zone, etc... To protect our sellers and to ensure our buyers are fully informed we recommend contracting a professional third party the specializes in hazard zone reports for all transactions.

- Homeowner's Guide To Earthquake Safety is a reference book relating to earthquakes. While note a required disclosure for every real estate transaction. It is a useful guide for reference with its intended purposes being disaster mitigation.

- Commercial Property Owner's Guide to Earthquake Safety is another reference book relating to earthquakes, this reference guide is also not a required disclosure for all real estate purchases. Like the Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety it is also a handy reference to earthquake preparedness.

- Environmental Hazards A Guide for Homeowners and Buyers is a comprehensive informational booklet discussing the many environmental hazards currently present and possibly present on or in the real estate you are either interested in buying or perhaps trying to sell. Mold, Lead, Radon, Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide, among others are discussed, making this booklet a useful reference. 

- Get a Home Inspection this inspection advisory warns about the dangers of not completing an inspection prior to completing the purchase of your new home.

- Lead Hazard Disclosure is required when the home in question was built before 1978. There are a few excepts to this rule but generally speaking the seller is require to provide this disclosure if there home is of proper age.

- Statement of Material Facts is another disclosure provided to ensure total disclosure is made in terms of property disposition. Many think of this as a supplement to the transfer disclosure statement; it is important to make the distinction between the two.

- Seller Financing Addendum is used whenever the seller is providing the buyer financing to complete the purchase of the home.

- Water Heater Smoke Detector disclosure is used to notify all parties that the water heater and smoke detectors in the home are in compliance with all state and federal laws. 

- Private Transfer Fee is used to disclose to the buyer the fact that there is a private transfer fee associated with the sale and transfer of the property. This is a type of encumbrance on the property and consequently must be disclosed to the buyer by the seller.

- Supplemental Property Tax disclosure is used when the property tax bill will increase at the close of escrow. It informs the buyers of the fact that the assessor will send them a supplemental tax bill for any deficiency in the amount prorated through escrow.

- Seller's Affidavit is used to disclose whether or not the seller is a citizen and whether or not any additional State or Federal tax should be withheld at the close of the transaction for taxes to remain in compliance state and federal law.


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